Mapping Your Thoughts
Examples of Thinking Maps & Graphic Organizers

Circle Map

Thinking Map for brainstorming, or defining in context

Define in Context

Macbeth's Character 

    Describes Macbeth's character at different phases of the drama   



What does academic rigor look like?

   Academic Rigor

Intelligent mental processes for discovering new knowledge and mastering rigorous content

Bubble Map

Thinking Map for describing or naming attributes; Builds vocabulary


Describes teenage years


Concept Web 

Concept map for thinking through what information is needed before beginning a research project on careers


Tree Map

Thinking map to classify, categorize, show main idea & supporting details

Classify / Categorize

Essay Tree

Mapping an essay


Flow Map

Thibnking Map shows sequence of events, phases of a process, chain of command

Sequence of the writing process


Sequencing a Story

Tom Sawyer 

Tom Sswyer - game

Danny: Champion 
of the World

Danny - game

A Wrinkle in Time

Wrinkle - game


Plot Analysis

Elements and sequence of a story plot


Double Bubble Map

Thinking Map for comparing & contrasting

Comparing contrasting two fruits

Compare /  Contrast

Multi-flow Map

Thinking Map shows cause & effect relationships

Can express multiple causes that lead to a particular 
event as well as multiple effects or impacts of the event itself.

Brace Map

Thinking Map shows component parts of a whole


Branches of the United States Government

Whole / Component Parts

Bridge Map

Thinking Map shows analogous relationships



Shows analogous relationships

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