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Provided here are resources for integrating technology into the curriculum. They can be utilized as interdisciplinary, and intercultural lessons and guides linking Language Arts, Social Studies, Math, Science, Arts and Humanities. Study guides and activities incorporate video and the technology of the Internet as tools to assist in the learning process. Lessons are aligned to California Content Standards, and culminating task projects provide rubrics for evaluation. Also included are research and writing guides for students as well as workshops and tutorials for Teachers. 

Grammar and Usage 

Research Guides

Writing Guides

Literary Explorer Guides

Video Guides

Development Workshops

 LA=Language Arts    M=Mathematics    Sci.=Science    SS=Social Studies  H=Health  
ELD=English Language Development    Hum=Humanities    Mus=Music    LS=Life Skills   
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Grammar and Usage

  1. Sentence Diagrams [beginning - more to come] (LA)
  2. Online English Grammar (outside link)
  3. Guide to Grammar & Writing  (outside link)


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Explorer Guides

  1. Literary Concepts [elements of a novel or short story] (LA)
  2. Drama [elements of drama; more literary terms] (LA)
  3. Exploring Poetry - Annabel Lee - with links to Edgar Allen Poe and other poets - Calls upon students to analyze and identify rhyme scheme, rhythm patterns, themes, imagery, (LA)
  4. A Wrinkle in Time  Sci-Fi fantasy - includes chapter study guides with final book projects; fascinating math/science links; links to historical figures and Madeleine L'Engle & her works. (LA, ELD, M, Sci., SS. Hum.)
  5.   A Wind in the Door - WebQuest - Sci-Fi Fantasy - sequel to A wrinkle in Time - includes templates for student projects, reading log, electronic note card, plot analysis, links to Madeleine L'Engle and fascinating information on the Mitochondria plus final book projects with assessment rubrics. (LA, ELD, Sci.)
  6. A Swiftly Tilting Planet - WebQuest - Third in Madeleine L'Engle's Sci-fi tetralogy - includes templates for reading log, plot analysis, links to Madeleine L'Engle and fascinating time travel links, plus final book projects with assessment rubrics. (LA, ELD, Sci, SS)
  7. Danny - Champion of the World  A fun kid's novel - includes chapter guides with final book projects; links to Roald Dahl & his works. (ELD, LA, Sci.)
  8. Island of the Blue Dolphins Survival Novel - includes chapter study guides; links to island life, oceanography, Native Americans; all about water; Scott O'Dell & his works. (ELD, LA, Sci.)
  9. **Jonathan Livingston Seagull - WebQuest - Personal Philosophy - includes exercises in listening/reading; analytical thinking; public speaking; the physics of flying; links to Richard Bach & quotes from his works (ELD, LA, SS, Sci. Hum.)
  10. Julie of the Wolves  Survival Novel - includes study guide; links to Alaskan Culture & facts; Native Americans; all about wolves; creative story crafting; Jean Craighead George & her works. (ELD, LA, Hum.)
  11. Julius Caesar Drama - includes Literary Concepts and Elements of Drama; links to the complete script; notes and commentaries on the play; the Roman Empire; Roman Politics; Shakespeare & his works; Elizabethan Theatre; the Renaissance. (LA. SS)
  12. Macbeth Drama - includes act by act study guides; links to Shakespeare & his works; Elizabethan Theatre; the Renaissance. (LA)
  13. Of Mice and Men - WebQuest Students analyze theme and characters and write essays and news articles. (LA, SS)
  14. Renaissance (Historical Period links)
  15. Romeo and Juliet Drama - includes act by act study guides; links to Shakespeare & his works; Elizabethan Theatre; the Renaissance (LA)
  16. The Secret Garden Novel - includes study guide; links to India and Yorkshire England; Frances Hodgson Burnett & her works.  (LA, ELD)
  17. Tom Sawyer Adventure Novel - includes oral presentation guide; links to sentence diagramming; Mississippi River; Mark Twain & his works. (LA, ELD)
  18. William Wilson - WebQuest - Students reflect, analyze, annotate and illustrate Edgar Allen Poe's Short Story, "William Wilson." (LA, ELD)

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  1. American Liberty Quest - WebQuest - Students apply reading comprehension strategies to analyze various documents and symbols of liberty and then create a book to demonstrate their results. (LA, ELD, SS)
  2. A Quest for Peace in the Middle-East -  WebQuest - Real World Problem Solving WebQuest - Students analyze both sides of the conflict and prepare a persuasive speech to convince Arabs and Israelis to accept a permanent peace settlement. (SS, LA)
  3. Are you Prepared if Disaster Strikes? -  WebQuest - Real World Problem Solving WebQuest Students discover what it takes to prepare for disaster and formulate an emergency plan.  They produce a public awareness brochure to inform others of their findings. (H, LS)
  4. Atlantis Quest - WebQuest - The topic (purposely controversial) calls upon the students to make judgments as to the validity of resources and draw their own conclusions based upon information gathered. Findings and conclusions are presented in a website. (LA, SS)
  5. Commonality in Diversity - WebQuest - Students conduct self-directed research and create a poster to compare and contrast various cultures and discover threads of commonality in diversity.  (LA, SS, Hum.)
  6. Decisions! Decisions! - WebQuest - Students explore their values, consider options for making informed decisions at various stages of their lives and develop a plan for their life path. (LS, LA, SS, H)
  7. Echoes of a Dream - WebQuest - Students examine the Civil Rights Movement in historical perspective, the leaders that emerged and laws that grew out of the era in order to answer the question, "How does Dr. King's Dream echo in my life today?" (SS, LA)
  8. Find a Need and Fill It - WebQuest - Community service is the focus of this project.  It revolves around solving real-life problems. (LS) 
  9. Goal Reaching Process -  WebQuest - Real World Problem Solving WebQuest - calls upon students to explore career options, make determinations for direction in their lives and set goals for achievement. (LS, LA) 
  10. Never Again! - Again? - WebQuest - Students examine the stages of genocide and current conflicts in the world to determine what can be done to prevent further mass killings. (SS, LA)
  11. Odyssey Quest - WebQuest - In a PowerPoint presentation, students describe the journey of Odysseus from the point of view of the characters that he encounters along the way. (LA, ELD)
  12. PeaceQuest - Real World Problem Solving WebQuest designed to engage students in dialog on how to make our world safe for our children. (LA, SS, LS) 
  13. Perspectives on the US/Iraq Conflict -  WebQuest - Real World Problem Solving WebQuest - Students are called upon to employ analytical and evaluative thinking to analyze reports of the war and its ramifications from various news media in various countries and gain an understanding of the messages of propaganda (LA, SS)
  14. Phyla: Arthropoda & Chordata - WebQuest - Students research the physiology of phyla and prepare a research report comparing and contrasting the phyla, Arthropoda and Chordata. (Sci., LA)
  15. Raging Waters! - WebQuest - Students research disaster patterns to determine if and how natural events that occur in one region of the planet affect other regions in general and California in particular.  (Earth Sci, LA)
  16. Social Security: A New Challenge for the 21st Century -  WebQuest - Students will examine the history and present state of the American Social Security System as well as its implications for their own future, and let their voice be heard in the debate over how it should be reformed. They will use Wikipedia to participate in an online discussion and then express their views in a persuasive letter to their Congressional Leaders. (SS, LA, LS)
  17. Students United for Humanity - WebQuest Students research the United Nations goals, structure and function as well as its position on human rights. They use this as a model to form an organization within the classroom that recognizes human dignity while designing a plan to eliminate barriers to important human rights. (LA, Hum, SS)
  18. Technology in the Work Force -  WebQuest - Real World Problem Solving  - Students determine what skills are needed to be competitive in the 21st Century and create a brochure to share their findings. (LS, Bus, ROP) 
  19. Twentieth Century Creative Periods - WebQuest - Students create a multimedia presentation drawing connections between historical events and artistic expression of the times. (LA)
  20. World War II - WebQuest - Students are called upon to create a timeline to show events leading up to U.S. involvement in WW II and their cause/effect relationships; then follow the writing process to write a persuasive essay defending the "Four Freedoms." (SS, LA)
  21. Research Project Planning Guide (LA, M, SS., Sci.) 
  22. Earth Day
  23. My Town   
  24. Biography Report
  25. Consumer Research
  26. College Portfolio  
  27. College Portfolio (HTML)



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  1. AMADEUS  Biography - includes viewer's guide with research project; links to Classical musicians & music, Music Educators' resource. (LA, ELD, Mus.)
  2. Amazing Panda Adventure  - WebQuest for English Language Learners based upon the video, The Amazing Panda Adventure  Students view the film, trace the plot, conduct guided Internet research to gather facts re: China, the giant panda, endangered species, and finally produce a PowerPoint presentation to demonstrate their learning. (ELD)
  3. AMISTAD -  WebQuest - calls upon students to analyze the event and to create a timeline tracing the journey of the Amistad case through the American Judicial System. (LA, SS)
  4. Fly Away Home Courage - Includes viewer's guide with team research project; links to New Zealand, Canada, geese facts, Amelia Earhart; science projects. (LA, ELD)
  5. Hunchback of Notre Dame (Drama - Includes video guide, links to Victor Hugo and his works, City of Paris, Gypsy Lore Society, People with Disabilities, Notre Dame Cathedral, Gargoyles and final projects. (LA, ELD, Hum.)
  6. The Sound of Music . Historical Fiction Drama - Includes viewer's guide with project; links to historical perspective, the Von Trapp family; Music Educators' resources. (LA, ELD, Mus., SS)
  7. White Fang 2 - Myth of the White Wolf Native American Culture - Includes viewer's guide with team project; links to Hiada Indians, Alaska, wolf facts, Native American Culture. (LA, ELD, SS., Hum.)

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  1. Ocean Fantasy - WebQuest - Students apply their imagination and the writing process to craft a story and present it as a PowerPoint Slide show. (LA, ELD)
  2. Creature Feature (explores the writing process for stories and essays)
  3. Scaffolding the Five Paragraph Essay
  4. Book Report Templates:-Non-fiction; Biography; Fiction-#1 - #2 - #3 - #4   
  5. Current Events Report Guide
  6. Elements of Style (outside link)
  7. Graphic Organizers (outside Link)
  8. Principles of Composition (outside Link)

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Dr. B's Professional Development Workshops

  1. Classroom Publishing on the Internet

  2. Creating A Healthy Environment for Student Learning

  3. Digital Portfolios for Educators

  4. Information Literacy and Internet Research

  5. Introduction to the Internet

  6. PowerPoint for Teachers

  7. Scaffolding Hgher-Order thinking with WebQuest

  8. Using Technology to Differentiate Instruction

  9. Web Page Design

  10. WebQuest Workshop

  11. Windows for Newbies

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