Current Events

(Read all instructions and view the sample before your begin.)

  1. Find a news article that interests you.
  1. Copy and paste the article by paragraphs into the current event template
  2. Save the template document in your folder.
  3. Read the article thoroughly looking for who, what, when, where, why, and how.
  1. Cover up the article so you can only see the title
  2. Read the title and highlight the answers to who, what, when, where, why, and how
  3. Write two guide questions in the margin. (A guide question is a question that you think will be answered in the article.)
  • Right: What were the 48 felonies the cops committed?
  • Right: Why did the cops commit these crimes?
  • Right: What is going to happen to the cops?
  • Wrong: What is a felony?
  1. Move your paper down and read the subtitle and highlight the answers again
  2. Move your paper down to the bottom of the first paragraph. Read the first paragraph and highlight any important information. Write a comment  about the
    information that you've highlighted.
  3. Do the same with all the paragraphs in the article.
  4. Check if the article answered your guide questions.
  1. Write a summary that, at least, answers the questions Who? What? When? Where?
  2. Make sure your summary answers the larger questions How? and Why? If the article discusses why or how it happened.
  3. Write your reaction to at least five sentences, in which you describe what you think and how you feel about the article. You can start your sentences with starters like:                    
  • I think ... because... 
  • I can relate to this... because
  • I feel... because... 
  • I chose this article... because
  • I'm confused... because
  • I agree/disagree... because
  • This upsets me... because
  • I still wonder... because
  • I liked this article... because
  • This is interesting... because  
  • Now I want to know . . . because
  • Now I understand . . . because
Make sure to add a BECAUSE to these sentences.
Wrong: I liked this article.
Right: I liked this article because it helped me see that the police are humans who don't always do the right thing.
Right: I liked this article because it showed that the Oakland police department is cracking down on corruption.


  1. Reread your summary and reaction to make" sure that they make sense and that there are no errors.
  2. Highlight and define at least three words from your article.
  3. Double check your work by looking at the Current Events Checklist Form.
  4. Celebrate a job well done!

See an example current event report.