The Process U.S./Iraq Conflict

First:  Let's gain some historical perspective.

bullet Legacy of the Persian Gulf War
bullet 911 Terrorist Attack
bullet War on Terrorism

Next:  Where are we now?

bullet President Bush's Address to the Nation (3/17/03)
bullet President Bush's Address to the Nation (1/10/07)
bullet Current The Whitehouse News
bullet War with Iraq

What should we believe?

bullet Recognize the role of propaganda in international relations, especially warfare,
and the various techniques of propaganda employed.
bullet Learn to think critically about the media.

Then:  Compare/contrast news coverage of the US/Iraq conflict from various sources.

Your Team will select four different news agencies to follow events of the conflict between US and Iraq. Each team member will use the Perspectives Guide to analyze a report of the war from one of the four news agencies that you select. Discuss these articles in your team, and together create a thinking map to compare and contrast the news reports from the four different  perspectives.

To be aware of the techniques of propaganda, three good questions to ask yourself are:

  1. According to whom?

  2. Who benefits from this message?

  3. What is its purpose?

Finally:  Prepare a multimedia presentation identifying the propaganda techniques that you discover, comparing and contrasting their perspectives.

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